Coach Josh Wood

◦ I work in the space where training meets the real world. My paradigm revolves around the idea that what you do in the gym, or in your training, should help you excel in your chosen endeavours out in the world.

I have spent spent the better part of the last decade studying the body through manual therapies, health science, Chinese Medicine, and fitness. I also dedicated six-years to teaching at a massage school, in Melbourne Australia, to hone my communication and facilitation skills. During this time I also became a qualified powerlifting coach, a personal trainer, and started working as a strength coach and boxing coach. With qualifications in health science, manual and complementary medicine, coaching, training, and education, my diverse background allows for a unique and tailored experience!

When it comes to combat sports and self-defence, I have been trianing in various combat sports since 2006 with a focus on MMA, BJJ, and Boxing; although, I considers myself a boxer. I specialise in working with beginners and laying a solid foundation for any of your sporting aspirations.

I consider myself a true personal trainer, with a philosophy centred on helping the individual reach their goals in a manner that is both engaging and practical. My goal is to keep you doing what you love as long as you love doing it.


CONFIDENCE & ABILITY ONLINE ( Online Health & Fitness Solutions)

Our goal is to help busy people stay healthy and active, through Online Health & Fitness.
We aim to achieve this through a diverse range of training programs, eating plans and
customized plans to suit every individuals particular needs.
If you want to build, tone, lose weight or get fit we have the online solution for you.
All the programs / Meal plans / Training are customized to suit each individual's goal
what ever that may be. Prices will vary depending on what goal the persons after/ duration and type of service ect.
For any inquiries or questions about training, nutrition or mental strategies,
feel free to email us at; or call 0406182614

Confidence and Ability
1/57 Collier Street Stafford QLD

Confidence and Ability is a Fitness and Wellness business catering for all ages and abilities through all aspects of fitness and well being. Brendon McTainsh founder/head trainer has been involved in fitness for over 30 years and martial arts 28 years. Drawing inspiration from his clients or other fitness professionals within the industry. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the changing fitness industry, always learning new training and techniques. Endevour to always provide only the best atmosphere for  your training whatever your goals may be.

Hours:  Monday-Saturday hours will vary  Sunday- appointment only

Cost: Will vary upon service provided

Suitability for:  All Ages/All Abilities
0406 182 614
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