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Healthhub247, which is a brand new site built in April 2016. My name is Jeff Croucher and I had a vision of this business while I was a dialysis patient at the Princess Alexander Hospital in Brisbane Australia.

Healthhub247 vision was founded in 2007, is headquartered in Masterton New Zealand and also has an office in Brisbane, Australia. Healthhub247 is a young, agile Nutritional Products company devoted to developing complementary medicine and collaborating with Health Professionals seeking the next level of innovative products.

Healthhub247’s primary focus is its commitment to continuous improvement of complementary medicines through education and innovation.

Healthhub247 is driven by its sincere care for patients’ quality of life and a desire to always make a positive impact on patient outcomes.

Healthhub247 is also committed to removing the confusion surrounding the health supplements industry. You may have visited Health Food Stores or Pharmacies, getting different answers to your questions depending on who was behind the counter or which store you went to.

In my experience the most trusted information comes from Health Professionals who are specialists in their field and have a successful track record in treating clients. At Healthhub247 we aim to give you the most up to date and consistent information to assist with your health issues. We will also work alongside you if you are already healthy, supporting your wellness journey to greater vitality and longevity.

Over the next few years the aim of Healthhub247 is to build what I call the “ Wikipedia of Complementary Medicine”. The vision of Healhthub247 is to provide you with the best independent education on complementary medicine available anywhere. We have a team of health professionals who are specialists in their field and through them we will provide you with the answers to all your health challenges. These answers are based on the proven treatments from our educators’ clinics around the world.

Many of the products that are on the site are only available through Health Professionals (Practitioner Only) .You will be able to buy these online as they are made available through the Health Professionals that are part of the Healthhub247 network. Part of this arrangement is that the Health Professionals will be linked to you via this purchase and may connect with you as part of this process. We also have numerous retail products that are priced very competitively, as value for money is really important to us and we want to keep you as our client for as long as you want to be involved with us.

Connecting is important to us too, so in addition to the usual emails that websites provide, we make it easy for you to connect with us via phone or Skype.

We understand that not all people use the internet and even though we have an online business we will be available on the phone if needed (unlike most online businesses) we will make it easy for you to connect.

Healthhub247 also has a referral system, so if you refer your friends or associates we will provide rewards as a thank you for supporting us and referring clients.

We look forward to working alongside you in your health journey and welcome the opportunity to be of service to you over the many years ahead.

Yours sincerely

Jeff Croucher

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