Small changes- Big difference (REF- Courier Mail)
Eat Legumes

Many of the longest living populations in the world love Legumes. The people of Okinawa
in Japan who have the highest percentage of Centarians on earth. Eat a diet rich in Soy bean
such as Tofu a study in the journal of the American College of Nutrition. Found that people
who eat Beans have a 22% lower risk of Obesity.

Skip breakfast occasionally

The national Health Medical reserch Council’s professor Mark Febbraio says the need to eat
breakfast is an “old wife’s tale”. There is actually more evidence that over night fasting to
noon is beneficial because it prevents the conversion of dietry Carbohydrates into Fats and
protects against Fatty liver disease and Obesity.

Say “yes” to nuts

Recent review in American Society for Nutrition, which examined 7 studies looking at deaths
from various causes. Those who consumed nuts every day had a 27% reduced risk of death
from any cause 39% lower risk of Heart disease and 14% lower risk of Cancer deaths

Have a green cuppa

The Japenese have long expoused Green tea and the rest of the world is catching on. The Cancer
council’s offical position is that Green tea may provide greater protection against some cancers ,
however more human studies are needed before any conclusion can be reached. Any tea ia rich
source of Anti-oxidants

Don’t forget the Spinich

All veges are great Dietry choices, but Spinich delivers such a hit of vitamins, anti-oxidents and
minerals. That delivers a special mention a cup of Spinich contains as much bone building
Calcium as a cup of Milk

Snack on Blue berries

As well as high levels of Micro-nutritents, blue berries are full of anti-oxidents thought to
lower inflamation guard your cells against damage from free radicals and reduce the risk
of certain cancers , Heart disease,Alchiemers and Parkinson’s

White to Wholeweat

White bread sandwhich is not doing you any favours. Breads made 100% Wholegrains,
including Wheat , Rye and Barley offer a wide spectrum of nutrients and high levels of fibre

Eat something “fishy”

Heart foundation reconmends eat 2 to 3 serves of fish includingioly fish each week. Fish is
packed with Omega 3’s a type of Polyunsaturated Fat essential for a healthy heart

Chocolate now and then

A new study by Universities in the UK, links eating up to 100g of Milk chocolate a day to
lower Heart disease and Stroke risk Australian study found eating Dark chocolate daily could
prevent major Cardivascular events in people with risks factors for Heart disease

Enjoy a coffee

Coffee has been found tohelp starve off a range of later life illnesses including Parkinson’s. A
study revealed that higher coffee and caffeine intake is associated with a significantly lower
incidance of Parkinson’s disease. Previous studies have also found caffeine can help
with Depression

Do pass the salt

While your plating your freshly steamed fish resist the urge to season it with salt. A high
intake of salt can increase your blood pressure and your risk of Cardivascular disease
including Heart Stroke and Blood vessel disease

Eat until 80% full

We all push ourselves to finish our meal, despite being full. We should stop shy of this danger
zone. As the more we eat the more calories we consume. Slow down when eating checking on
how full you are feeling as you eat. Appreciate the food in front of you and how it will possibly
affect your body.