The following FAT FACTS, referenced from Mens Fitness Magazine thank you guys.
These FAT FACTS indicate the alarming impact Fat has on the every day person.
There’s more to Fat than the numbers on the scale.




5 – Compared with someone of healthy weight. An obese man is Five times more likely to develop Diabetes, Three times more likely to develop cancer of the Colon and more than two more likely to develop high Blood pressure.






.5kg  –  0.5kg is equal to 3500 Calories






204 – Saudi Arabia’s Kalid Bin Mohsen Shaari had the highest BMI ever recorded at 204.






419 – The Largest ever Weight- loss was 419 by an American Jon Brower Minnoch. At his heaviest he weighed 635kg






23kg – Down size Fitness in America is a gym, purely for people who are at least 23kg over weight. In Australia we haven’t gone that way yet…






74.6% – American Samoa has the highest percentage of Obesity in the world at 74.6%. Bangladash and Ethiopia are the lowest at 1.1%






12min – Coronery Heart disease to which poor Diet and Fat storage are major contributing factors kills one Australian every 12 minutes.







20BN – The annual revenue of the USA Weight-loss Industry. Including Diet books, Diet drugs and Weight-loss surgeries is 20 Billion.






0 – International Congress on Obesity studies showed zero evidence that slimming supplements facilitate weight-loss.







8% – A study published 2010 in the Journal of The American Dietetic Association found that the actual number of calories in frozen foods was 8% higher on average than what was listed on the label.